The Hiatus

Hello again, after a hiatus of a little over 7 years and 4 months :) A lot has happened between this blog post, and my previous blog post made on the 18th of August, 2014. I got married, moved into a new home, nephews and nieces were born, made some very good friends, moved to a new company, and I could go on and on. But between work, life and everything in between, blogging wasn’t something that I was actively thinking about. But it has been too long a break and I am eager to get started with blogging again.

One big change is this new blog site. I’ve moved away from my old Wordpress based blog to this statically generated blogs. I’ll be adding the ability to add comments very soon and this will be just like any other blog going forward. And the experiences that the last 7 years have given me are worthy of dozens of blog posts. I intend to have a series of posts dedicated to my time with McAfee (now McAfee Enterprise, as of 2022-01-18). There will be posts on some interesting people that I had the chance to work with (some only remotely), some on the tools and techniques that I have learned over the years, a few on COVID-19 and its impact on us, a few on climate change etc.

So, please don’t give up on my blogging this time :) I do hope to stay more consistent and share some interesting, useful, thoughtful, funny articles in the weeks and months to come.